Top 3 Regular Interval Automotive Service Suggestions:

  1. Number one on the list – Rotate your tires!  Most don’t know tires should be rotated between 5k and 7k miles (or every other oil change).  This will improve tire wear and possibly gas mileage.
  2. Lubricate lubricate lubricate! Yep, from door hinges to if you have grease fittings located on your suspension and steering parts.  At least as often as you change your oil.
  3. Cabin Air Filters -These are the most surprising and neglected part to change or clean BAR NONE.  This air filter is under the dash or behind the glove box in MOST VEHICLES! Clean or replace this filter;  When you buy a New (Used Car)! If your heat or air conditioning does not “blow like it used to”.  If you have dogs or pets in general. Inspect during every oil change, clean or replace as needed.

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